Welcome to the throwing target site! This target has been
years in the making. When I started to teach people how
to throw knives, machete’s, axes, shurikan and even blow
guns, a good target was a very difficult thing to come by.
Either they were half of a tree or too flimsy to hold up for
very long.

When you start hitting targets with an axe; targets tend to
just fall apart. The need for a good solid target was
always present. One of my students (Kerry Lewis) made
the first one of these man-size targets and we deployed
the first version in 2004. The targets continued to improve
in both durability and functionality. 

One of the issues was the target was heavy and not very
portable. However, they held up well and provided many
hours of great training. The targets lasted about 2 years
in the weather and training hundreds of students. Many
people who saw the target wanted one. For many years
we continued to improve the design but we finally came
down to what we have today.

This particular design is very portable as you can see
from our video. It is also extremely durable and can stand
up to a beating! We have designed this to be transported
very easily and erected quickly. This type of target could
even be put in an apartment! One person can easily
transport and put this target together, almost anywhere
you might want to practice knife throwing or even darts!
We are also going to offer accessories for the basic
target. We are going to have a “metal breast plate” which
will allow you to shoot at the target with a gun. Some
people who shoot for a hobby might really like to have a
target like this or other organizations who teach shooting
plus knife throwing can really see the versatility of this

The target is made up of 4 by 4 wood pieces; as well as,
2 by 4s for the arms plus stand. The 4 by 4 wood pieces
take most of the beating but they hold up very well and
knives, axes, and other pointed throwing implements
stick in the target with ease. This target should give you
years of service.
As it wears out, you can order just the pieces you need to
replace! You don’t need to order a whole new target. We
will have a section on this website where you can order
replacement parts. This target should serve your needs
for many years to come. That is very unusual in today’s
market place.

As a matter of fact we think this is the only man size
target on the market! Where you want to approach the
reality of self defense this target does that in spades. You
have a real 3D man target in front of you to practice on.
Getting more than one allows you to practice in a real
situation. Possibly moving from one target to the next,
then scoot along to the next target. Multiple attackers are
real and getting more than one of these targets can really
add that reality to your training.

These targets are great gifts for those who throw knives
or would like to learn how to throw knives or axes. 
Contained on this site are DVD’s for sale that can be
added to your order. We offer training that uses the target
and there for they can make a great gift or capability to
anyone’s self defense training.

In addition to using the target for knives or axes, you can
use it to practice machete strikes, blow guns, darts,
derks, knife on a rope, throwing spikes, shurikan, swords
of any kind, sticks, and even a “nitsubo”. Don’t know what
a nitsubo is? Well, check out our video of it being used on
the target. We also offer training in the nitsubo and how to
make one.

We hope you enjoy our website as it is a one of a kind.
Again, we believe that our target is the best on the
market; and very unique. Great for practice and improving
your self defense capability. Our training DVDs are top of
the line and also extremely unique so they are great for
your self defense training.
DVD Trailers
Knife Throwing DVD
Knife on a Rope DVD
Combat Axe DVD
The Nitsubo
This target has been 10 years in the making. There is absolutely no portable knife or axe target like this one.

I wanted a way to have our knife target travel with our black belt tests; which happens all over California.

We would have to put our targets into a truck for transport and I just wanted a design that was rugged, durable, fixable, and would fit in the trunk of a car. Well, that is what this target is!
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Knife & Axe Throwing Target